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Route du Mont 10

1660 Château d'Oex

11th to 14th August 2021

Piccoli Virtuosi Festival

The new edition of the Chateau Doex / Gstaad festival welcomes you to this unforgettable experience.

11th to 14th August 2021

Four unique Concerts with the next generation of great Artists

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David Ruiz, violin
Maria Baranova, piano
11th August
Piccoli Virtuosi Quartet
& Andrey Baranov, violin
12th August
Baroque Matinee by Piccoli Virtuosi Cappellina
13th August
Piccoli Virtuosi School
Class Concert

David Ruiz, Joan Esteve, Stella Braliou and others

14th August

Musicians of world-renown and premieres of special projects - all these await the audience of the x edition of Piccoli Virtuosi Festival.

11th to 14th August 2021

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11th August, 19:30

David Ruiz Concert

  • Franz Schubert – Konzertstuck in D Major, D.345
  • Eugéne Ysaÿe – Sonata No. 3, Op. 27, in D minor “Ballade”
  • Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata No. 9, Op. 47 in A Major “Kreutzer”
    • Adagio sostenuto – Presto
    • Andante con variazioni
    • Presto
  • Felix Mendelssohn – Sonata in F Major (1838)
    • Allegro Vivace
    • Adagio
    • Assai Vivace
  • Nathan Milstein – Paganiniana
  • Piotr I. Tchaikovsky – Meditation from Souvenir d’un lieu cher, Op. 42
  • Niccolò Paganini – La Campanella, arr. Kreisler

12th August, 19:30

Piccoli Virtuosi Quartet
& Andrey Barano, violin

  • Joseph Haydn – String Quartet No. , Op. 3 in F Major
    • Presto
    • Andante cantabile
    • Menuetto
    • Scherzando
  • Antonín Dvořák – String Quartet No. 12, Op. 96 in F Major “American”
    • Allegro ma non troppo
    • Lento
    • Molto Vivace
    • Finale: Vivace ma non troppo
  • Franz Schubert – Sonata

13th August, 19:30

Baroque Matinee by
Piccoli Virtuosi Cappellina

14th August, 19:30

Piccoli Virtuosi School
Class Concert

  • Konzertstuck in D Major, D.345 – Schubert

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