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1660 Château d'Oex


French Curriculum

In Primary and Middle school phase, most of our students attend the Henchoz Collège in Château d’Oex, with French as the main language and following the Swiss curriculum. Special French support classes during school hours are offered to students who come from non-French speaking countries, so that in a short time students can fully follow classes in French. As a second language, German is taught and as a third language English, which is the official language at  our music boarding school as well.

High school studies in French can be carried out online at the platform “Cours Perreten” . At our boarding house, students can always count on the full support of a supervisor.

It is a very attractive option, since this modality allows the students to have much more time to devote to their music studies, at an age when preparation for entrance at prestigious music universities or international competitions requires greater dedication to the instrument.