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Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a millenarian Chinese discipline, a system that combines bodily breathing and mental exercises; it runs smoothly and slowly, reducing physical tension, allowing the development of relaxation, mental concentration, coordination and a deep and conscious breathing.

The postures required to hold and play an instrument can result in a tremendous amount of physical tension over time if you’re not careful. The fluid body required to maintain Tai Chi’s flowing postures translate into a more relaxed body while playing.

We organise Tai Chi courses at our school.
This activity is available for students of the school and their parents. If you are interested, please, contact us for details.

Kenny Krebs

Kenny Krebs started Kung Fu training at the age of 4. His passion for Kung Fu rapidly grew thanks to his mother, Yongmei, who is also a professional martial artist, 7th dan in Wushu,  head coach at the Wushuzentrum Bern and one of the official trainers from the Swiss National Team.

In 2009, Kenny started a new discipline, Chen Tai Chi Quan. In 2013 he became Vice European Champion in the categories of Tai Chi and Pushinghands .

In 2016 Kenny won Silver Medal at the World Tai Chi Championship and one year later the Gold Medal at the European Championship.

The Beginner – A meeting between Yoshigasaki Sensei and Yehudi Menuhin

In this short documentary, both masters discuss a common topic for musicians and masters of martial arts: Harmony.

The maker of the movie, Alain de Halleux, explains:

“I was supposed to make a documentary about Yehudi Menuhin. But this master was traveling so much that I never succeed to catch him in order to shoot.

One day we were eating in a restaurant and we were speaking about harmony. So I explained him about Aikido. He asked me to show him some exercises. So we stood up in the middle of the tables and started practicing. People around were wondering who were those guys making exercises in a very chic restaurant…

This story is just to describe who Yehudi Menuhin was: An 80 years old man always hungry to learn more and more. I proposed him to meet Yoshigasaki Sensei, to follow a lesson and to discuss afterward with him about harmony.

The Musician would speak from the point of view the violonist but also someone who did yoga a lot and the Sensei from the point of view of martial art…

We spent one day with people coming from Holland and Belgium. The sun was rising, which is not common in Belgium and all the participants got a souvenir of a very beautiful day, full of harmony and light….