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Violin & Viola

Negri Violin Program

A reduced group of very gifted children attend the Negri Violin Program at the School while some of them gain experience playing the viola in chamber music. We also welcome students for whom the viola is their principal instrument.
Each week all students have three individual lessons on their main instrument with their principal teacher and 1-2 lesson by the assistant if needed.

In addition to the weekly classes, the students also rehears regularly with the piano accompanist on the repertoire they are working at that time.

Students also profit from attending concerts and general rehearsals performed by the great artists who every year visit the region for the different music festivals, such as the Sommets Musicaux winter festival or the Yehudi Menuhin Festival in summer.
We also invite recognised pedagogues and soloists who inspire our students through personal encounters and masterclasses.

Miguel Negri - Violin Teacher

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Miguel Negri comes from a multicultural family with Italian, French and Irish roots. Following the love for the violin infused by his father, Miguel soon stands out in Argentina as one of the most remarkable violinists of his generation and after wining the Banco Mayo International Music Competition, goes to Canada to continue his studies with Vladimir Landsman.

Shortly thereafter, Alberto Lysy invites him to travel to Gstaad, Switzerland, where Miguel is privileged to meet his mentor, Lord Menuhin, and becomes part of the Camerata Lysy for 4 years. In this period of study together with Alberto Lysy and Lord Menuhin, Miguel develops his aesthetic sensibility and absorbs the great knowledge of the violinistic tradition from Enesco and Menuhin.

After his studies in Gstaad at the International Menuhin Music Academy, Miguel Negri was sent by Yehudi Menuhin to Luebeck, Germany, to learn from the eminent pedagogue Prof. Zakhar Bron, who also taught Maxim Vengerov, Vadim Repin and Daniel Hope among others.

Miguel Negri stayed in Luebeck with Zakhar Bron for 10 years, where after learning from his successfully pedagogical methods, started his own pedagogical career. Several Negri students are today concertmasters of leading European orchestras, have a solo career or are violin professors at different universities.

Miguel Negri has developed his own teaching method and his first book “Miguel Negri – The Ultimate Violin Method, Volume 1. Building from Scratch” has been recently published.

Nuria Alonso - Violin & Viola Teacher

Wife of Miguel Negri, Nuria is also a violinist and former student at the “Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofia” in Madrid. After finishing her studies in Madrid, she went to Luebeck to continue her studies under Zakhar Bron and Miguel Negri. She also studied in different Masterclasses with prestigious artists like Maxim Vengerov, Ruggiero Ricci, Igor Oistrakh and Lord Menuhin.

After being very busy for some years taking care of their 4 babies, Nuria is now helping Miguel’s students with their daily practicing and living. Her own experience being a young boarder in Madrid, helps her a lot to better understand the needs that children have while living in a boarding house. She takes care of everything that goes from organising their daily schedule to helping them deal with their homesick feelings and emotions.